A Series of MSR/X-Files Fanfiction.
Completed January 1999.

Perception of Snow
Rated NC-17.
The beginning of the relationship, set on Christmas Eve.

Night of the Gunmen
Rated R, Humor.
Mulder and Scully's plans for the evening are thwarted by the Gunmen when an old case surfaces.

Ora Pro Nobis
Rated NC-17.
Mulder and Scully investigate a disturbing case in Boston.

Luck of the Irish
Rated NC-17, Humor.
Scully has an unexpected stroke of luck for 24 hours.

Touch of Spring
Rated R, Humor.
Scully visits her mom, and learns something from Melissa.

Picking Up Pieces
Rated R.
The aftermath of reclaiming the X-files after "One Son".

Professional Demeanor
Rated NC-17.
Balancing the work and personal relationship.

58 Minutes, 15 Seconds
Rated R.
During a busy day, Scully has lunch with Mulder.

Artistic Impressions
Rated NC-17.
Scully finds the gray area widening on a missing persons case in New York.

Melvin's Turning Forty
Rated NC-17, Humor.
Two events centering around the number "40" occur.

Hell or High Water
Rated Nc-17.
Following "Milagros." Scully has a turning point in San Diego.

Modern Alchemy
Rated NC-17.
Mulder and Scully assist on a case involving strange transformations of matter.

Nocturne with Andie
Rated NC-17.
In Chicago, a mysterious series of kidnappings draws Mulder and Scully into a dark plot of revenge and retribution.

Prayer for the Dying
Rated NC-17.
Faith and science intermingle during a case in Denver. And a new concern.

Rated NC-17.
Mulder and Scully delve into past X-files as they try to find out who might be watching.

Partial Abandon
Rated NC-17.
Scully takes a break with Mulder in New Orleans.

Rated NC-17.
Another case from Spender's tenure provides another clue.

Rated NC-17.
Mulder and Scully follow the trail left by Fowley and Spender to Alaska and find some answers.

Rated NC-17.
Following "Amor Fati," Mulder shows Scully the road yet to travel.

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